Source: mainstream international comfort vegan/vegetarian food prepared in unique ways

We believe in living a conscious life.

Our philosophy centers on kindness, respect and compassion for all life forms. Our inspired menu highlights all vegan and vegetarian cuisine that supports love and contributes to keeping the earth's natural ecosystem in balance.

We believe in choice.

Instead of telling you how you should eat or what you should eat, we offer eclectic and delectable choices for every palate. Whether you choose a brick oven pizza topped with house-made mozzarella or truffle mac and cheese. Whether you enjoy your food steamed, dehydrated, blended or grilled. Whether you crave a veggie burger or a raw salad, we are your source for choice.

We believe in feeding all of your senses.

We've consciously created a soothing atmosphere that feeds your senses through taste, sight, sound, and vibrations: The serene sounds of a waterfall infused with custom-designed music throughout the space. An airy, light-filled space created by the ancient principles of metaphysics and energy. Our multidimensional eating experience will engulf you in an uplifting yet peaceful feeling from the moment you enter.

We believe in fresh, seasonal and organic food.

We use hand-selected, quality organic food for an innovative mix of traditional favorites alongside unique culinary creations. Designed by our award-winning chef, our specialties include handcrafted sandwiches on freshly baked bread, brimming salads, inventive casseroles, creative dosas, brick oven pizzas.

We believe in your total well-being.

We are more than just a place to eat — we are a temple of dining. Our elixir bar includes fresh-pressed herbal infusions and juices that provide a choice of calmness, balance, euphoria and energy. Our just-picked ingredients sing with vibrancy. Each drop of water is filtered through a special purification and ionization system, and the air is purified and energized. All of this works seamlessly together to create a joyful sanctuary that balances your mind, body, and spirit.